School Aims                                       


Aims of the school:

  • To provide a rich and meaningful curriculum targeting personalised needs of the children
  • To enable children to learn and raise their levels of achievement in a safe, secure learning environment
  • To enable pupils to develop strategies to better manage their behaviour and make considered choices

 We will do all this by:

  • Using the ‘Essentials’ Curriculum supplemented by the ‘Pebbles’ Curriculum to plan the curriculum over the year to ensure coverage and progression for the children
  • Setting targets for the children which are specific and measurable so we can see the progress the children are making
  • Using ‘I can’ statements with the children to develop their sense of what they can do and raise their self esteem and self belief as learners
  • Using the ‘Forest School’ approach to deliver an exciting and relevant curriculum to engage the interests of the children
  • Be committed to staff professional development to develop skills and knowledge to support the children further
  • Providing a safe, secure learning environment for all children
  • Valuing all children, staff and families equally
  • Offering support for our families through our social Inclusion team and Family support worker
  • Monitoring the work of the school and reporting to Governors regularly on progress


Our work is underpinned by these shared values:


  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • A culture of shared responsibility
  • A belief that everyone has the capacity to learn and improve
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Achievement