What We Do

The Cherry Trees School Outreach team has a strong commitment to inclusive education. Our teachers work with Tower Hamlets primary schools to improve the behaviour and access to the curriculum of individual children, groups and whole classes. We encourage early intervention, collaborative problem solving and the development of effective policies and systems for promoting inclusion of pupils with Behavioural Emotional and Social difficulties.


After receiving a referral, we will notify you of receipt, clarify whether our support will be appropriate and arrange an initial visit as soon as possible (within one month at the latest).


When developing an intervention project in schools, the outreach team will:

  • Use classroom observation and shared problem solving that helps to develop staff skills in classroom behaviour management
  • Work alongside staff, team teaching and modeling strategies that support children to have greater access to the curriculum
  • Ensure a holistic approach to meeting children’s and school’s needs through multi-agency involvement where appropriate
  • Contribute to a CAF as part of an individual referral
  • Provide training and support for all staff on aspects of behaviour management and behaviour policy, including TA’s and midday meals supervisors
  • Provide resources and information to support interventions
  • Secure all of the above through an accessible and user friendly referral system, one that is sensitive to the needs of schools

To find out more about the way we work, please refer to our AIMS Sheet.

For further information on the work of the Cherry Trees Outreach Team, please contact the team on 0208 983 4344 or email, outreach@cherrytrees.towerhamlets.sch.uk