Curriculum Statement




The Cherry Tree Primary School

Curriculum Statement

September 2020

At The Cherry Trees Primary School we follow the National Curriculum. We deliver the KS1 and KS2 curriculum to pupils based on ability rather than age. We use the Chris Quigley curriculum to plan the whole curriculum with the exception of Maths where we use the White Rose Hub. We use ‘Letters and Sounds’ for our Phonics teaching in preparing children for reading. Banded reading books support individualised programmes for reading from a range of rich texts. We use PM benchmarking as our assessment tool for reading. All children have had an assessment for reading and writing during the first 2 weeks of term following long absences from school due to COVID 19. Assessments are then used to plan individualized reading programmes and interventions to support the accelerated learning of our children. 

We tailor our teaching for pupils who are not yet ready to access the National Curriculum through differentiation and using the Pebbles Curriculum to support the planning to meet their needs across the curriculum.

We use a topic approach to learning which enables cross curriculum links to be made supporting our children to make links in their learning and application of skills. Our whole school curriculum plan shows the topics which will be covered each year. Each topic is planned to take into account our children’s interests and mapped for coverage of the curriculum. This year we are enhancing the children’s learning by using aspects of the ‘Forest School’ approach to learning. This has been mapped into the curriculum by the teachers and staff from the Cemetery Park. The children will be visiting the park each Wednesday afternoon to develop their skills and also enhance their learning in a safe, fun learning environment.

We have specialist teaching for Singing and some aspects of PE.

Sadly, the children are not able to go swimming at the moment due to COVID restrictions but will resume this as soon as possible.

The curriculum is led by:

Curriculum Lead -  John Rose

Cross Curriculum Lead – Jack Walker